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Alignment and Anatomy

Unhealthy alignment and unsafe sequences of postures are the most prominent causes of injury in the field of yoga today. This module will greatly expand your understanding, knowledge, and relationship to human anatomy and the physical body as you learn to safely guide your students through a vigorous vinyasa practice while reducing the risks of injury.

In this module we address: common injuries and modifications, how to effectively cue and embody healthy alignment, the complexity of the human spinal column, useful teaching tools and exercises that you can pass along to your students, common mistakes that beginners make and how to give them a strong foundation, physical and somatic effects that groups of poses create, energetic effects and the workings of the nervous system, and hands on assisting in back bends, twists, hip openers, and lateral stretches.

The tools acquired with being able to understand the intricate workings of the physical body will empower your students ability to live a long and healthy, and pain-free life. Being able to give the gift of relieving the population of physical pain and stress is one of the greatest offerings a teacher can make.

**Prerequsite: Level 1: Foundation


Alignment & Anatomy includes:

• Anatomy and Structure of the Spine

• Dealing with and Addressing Common Injuries

• Effective Teaching and Demonstrating of Back Bends & Twists

• Hands on Assisting - Part 4 & 5

• Effective Teaching and Demonstrating of Hip Openers & Laterals

• Creating a Offering Teaching Moments

• Safety, Alignment, and Activation of Poses

• Biodynamic Energetics and The Nervous System

• Chakra system and Pranayama practices

• The Art of Om-ing

• Effective Teaching and Demonstrating of Inversions and Advanced Armbalances

• Deepening study of the Five Elements & the Five Movements of Prana

Cost:  $1000 

Payment is required in full before first day of module in order to be accepted

Space is limited.

Payment plans are available.



Training Schedule:

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Make up sessions are available at an added cost which will be assessed depending on the amount of time needed.  Text book costs are not included in the fee. If you are interested please contact us at teachertraining@thestudiodc.com


After Graduation:

Upon completion of the full 200 Hour training program graduates will have the opportunity to participate in our innovative and nurturing Teacher Development Program:

  • Blossoming Teacher Classes

  • Teaching Assistant Program

  • Teacher Empowerment Group
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