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Love and Care Program

The Love and Care program was designed for those who wanted to be a part of the studio community, but could either not make the 6 month commitment or are just very detail oriented and enjoy the satisfaction with physically beautifying a space. 

The love and care duties are done during non-class times. What makes this position so practical is that you create a cleaning schedule that works for you and the studio.



Arrangement: 90 minutes of work for 90 minute class
Commitment: min. 3 month
Duties: primarily cleaning, stocking, maintenance.

One of the great benefits with the love and care position is that there is little training required and the times are more flexible to your schedule.



Next Step:

Please fill out our Work Study Application Form and email us at info@thestudiodc.com with your application attached. Once we have received your application, we will contact you about our next upcoming orientation.

We are looking forward to sharing in the rich journey and tapestry of yoga with you and hope with joining this program your practice can thrive.



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