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$59/$69 OM Pass     -  student / non-profit rate
Who qualifies for student / non-profit rates:
(5 month minmimum)                    Sign up
- Undergrad taking 12+ credits, post grads
- Non-profit full time employees
- Capitol Hill staffers
$79/$89 OM Pass       -  regular rate - Seniors
(5 month minimum)                           Sign up  
  OM Pass Details:
  - Choose which studio you would like to apply your OM Pass
$88/$108 OM Pass    -  all studios rate
- Take any style of class on the schedule
(5 month minimum)                    Sign up
- Freeze your OM Pass for up to 1 month once a year
  - Can only be purchased by accepted credit / debit card
  - Please add DC sales tax of 5.75% to all prices listed
Benfits of a Regular Practice:
*Improved sleep *Considerable increase in strength, flexibility and balance
*Greater ability of focus, concentrate, be attentive and alert, and memory
*Moderate improvement in your posture and breath
*Greater sense of well-being *A decrease in anxiety, stress, tension and depression
*Major increase in circulation, breath, posture, and energy level
*Stronger immune system


(1) The Studio DC's OM Pass is a five (5) month commitment (unless stated otherwise in the title of the OM Pass purchased), after which your OM Pass membership will continue to automatically renew on a month-to-month basis until member decides to cancel.

(2) Students may freeze their yoga pass for one (1) month out of every year, or for 2 weeks twice a year, the first time being six (6) months after membership commencement date. No other amount of time periods for freezing OM Pass memberships will be allowed.  During this time a student will not be able to attend classes without payment.  Please note that freezes are not available during the final month of a members OM Pass.  Two week and one month freezes that occur during the time period of your minimum monthly commitment will not count towards the fulfillment of the minimum number of months required for your OM Pass membership.  Requests to freeze a membership will only be accepted if received by email to yoga@thestudiodc.com

(3) For cancellation: the member must notify The Studio DC at least 30 days prior to next auto draft (billing date) in writing or via email to yoga@thestudiodc.com . We do not accept phone, verbal, or voice mail cancellations. Om Pass memberships cancellations will only be valid after Studio DC staff responding from yoga@thestudiodc.com confirm your request.  If you do not hear back from The Studio DC within 3 business days, it means your request was not recieved or was sent to an incorrect email address and you will be required to resend.  Cancellations can only be processed after they have been sent to yoga@thestudiodc.com

(4) If a member terminates an OM Pass contract for any reason before the end of the minimum number of months of membership agreement, the member agrees to pay an early cancellation fee equivalent to one month of unlimited yoga ($140) and authorizes The Studio DC to charge the member's credit/debit card on file.

(5) To receive the full-time college student rate, a person must be attending a local college within the greater Washington DC metro area for a minimum of 12 credits per semester (graduate students also accepted). Students are required to bring in a copy of their unofficial transcript or formal enrollment for classes being taken each semester.

(6) To receive the full-time non-profit employee rate, a person must bring in written proof on company letterhead showing proof of employment.  Rates will only be applied after all required documentation has been properly turned in to an official staff member of The Studio DC. Students have one week from original commencement date of contract to turn in all required documentation, failure to do so will result in the student rate being dropped, and the adult rate will take into effect for the duration of the contract.

**Grad students are also eligible.

(7) Months in which a member does not attend any class at either studio will not be refunded under any circumstances.

(8) All OM Pass rates and fees are final upon commencement and agreement of OM Pass membership. 


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