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Class Levels & Descriptions  

vinyasa flow fundamentals 

This class level teaches you the fundamentals of Vinyasa Yoga and has strong emphasis on alignment, safety and how to move between poses.  Classes are designed with a specific focus to give a student the tools needed to eventually progress and move into intermediate level classes. 

This class is best suited for those that are newer to yoga, getting back into their practice after taking time off, and those who are recovering from injuries.

Level: 0-1


vinyasa flow 

Linking poses and breathing together in a seamless and continuous movement, Vinyasa Flow classes are integrating fluid sequences and offer a creative practice. These classes are intermediate and offer a medium pace practice with modifications for individual needs. Open to practitioners of many levels of experience, these classes will safely strengthen and stretch you in fun and exciting ways.

Expect great music, graceful transitions between poses, and continuous flow with emphasis on healthy alignment.  Instructors create a nurturing, safe and enjoyable class format that includes gradual warm up, standing poses, balancing poses, delicious floor and seated poses sprinkled with a couple arm balances or inversions.



Each class includes a meditation at the beginning of class and presentation of dharma topics or wisdom teachings. Instructors will shed light on a particular technique or teaching, including an exercise that illustrates the topic. You will find your practice and your poses illuminated and leave your mat with new insight. Practitioners are encouraged to work at their own pace and find individual modifications for their needs.

Level: 1.5


hot power yoga 

A challenging and athletic vinyasa approach, Power Yoga classes are heated and emphasize stamina, endurance and building muscle tone. Power Yoga is up tempo and rigorous, spiced up with core work so be prepared to sweat, detox and bring a towel, water bottle and high energy. The perfect class for practitioners who like to work hard, stretch past their comfort zone and practice with incredible group energy.

Sequences include multiple arm balances, inversions and heating sun salutations. Instructors create a dynamic, motivating and vigorous class format with strict cues, faster pace breath count and strong holds. Power Yoga offers an intense workout for the whole body. Open to practitioners with solid yoga experience, not for beginners.


Level: 2 -3


prana flow

An innovative and dynamic approach to vinyasa yoga, Prana Flow classes offer a rhythmic practice, complex sequencing, fluid mandalas and “sahaja” which means spontaneous or free movement. Instructors emphasize slow, deep breathing and deliberate movement that are dynamic in nature yet practiced in a calm manner. Prana Flow incorporates intermediate and advanced arm balances, backbends, pranayama and bandha practice. Classes have a circular 360 degrees orientation on the mat in contrast to the traditional plane of moving only forward and back on the mat. Instructors encourage an intuitive approach to asanas while a foundation in understanding proper alignment is already expected in your yoga practice.

Created by Shiva Rea, Prana Flow classes are embodying the flow of prana – the universal source of breath, life energy and conscious intelligence as the navigating source for vital living. Prana Flow is an exciting approach for intermediate to advanced students who enjoy playing with cutting edge elements of their practice and innovative fusion of creative movement. Not suited for beginners with no experience or individuals with injuries.  Be prepared to sweat, breathe, practice to world beat music and be ready for the class to frequently break out in joyous dance and free form movement and kriyas.

Level: 2


ashtanga: the rocket

Enjoy an intense, vigorous, fast-paced sequence of ashtanga yoga postures. The Rocket includes many advanced arm balances, inversions and core work and is taught in a set sequence. The name Rocket implies a system designed to help you reach your desired results faster. The Rocket features poses ranging from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga's Primary Series (Rocket 1) to the more Advanced Second and Third Series (Rocket 2 & 3). The body will certainly feel charged at the end of the Rocket practice. The Rocket is for healthy, intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners with a regular and strong practice. Not suited for beginners or individuals with injuries. Designed by Larry Schultz from the "It's Yoga" studio located in San Francisco to allow practitioners to advance their physical practice.

Level: 3-4



Gentle Flow offers an opportunity to slow down and refresh from fatigue and tension with gentle asana, movement and meditation. Allow your body and mind to unwind through a slower paced class set to relaxing and calming music.

Level: 1-2



This class uses props to support the body and melts away physical and mental tension. Each pose releases the muscles and deeply held tension in different areas of the body by using blankets, blocks and other yoga props in seated and reclining poses.

Level: 0-1



Yin Yoga is a slow and deep practice focused on the connective tissue and joints.  Seated and reclined postures will be held from 1-5 minutes.  Emphasis on slowing down, focusing and breathing, no yoga experience is required.


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