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We offer heated and non-heated yoga classes that produce extraordinary results for all ages and all levels of fitness. Through accessible class offerings ranging from beginners to advanced level, alignment focused to creative flow, workshops & private instruction options, our mission is to introduce everyone to the adventurous journey of yoga and all the magic that follows. 


Our Class Descriptions

Here are some of the most rewarding variations of yoga we have to offer to our students

Vinyasa Flow

Linking poses and breathing together in a seamless flow, Vinyasa Flow classes are integrating fluid asanas with breath and offer a creative sequence.

Prana Flow

An innovative and dynamic approach, this class creates a state of flow with complex sequencing, fluid mandalas, “sahaja” spontaneous, free movement and dance.


Meditation is the ancient art of quieting the internal dialogue of the mind, allowing for joy, clarity, and calmness. It is a powerful tool to improve overall health and well being on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow offers an opportunity to slow down and refresh with gentle asana, movement and meditation. Allow your body and mind to unwind through a slower paced class set to relaxing and calming music.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow and deep practice focused on the connective tissue and joints. Seated and reclined postures will be held from 1-5 minutes. Emphasis on slowing down, focusing and breathing, no yoga experience is required.

Slow Flow

Guided by detailed vinyasa technique and alignment instructions, this class moves at a slower tempo with longer holds and incorporates alignment and safety.

specials & free classes

Do you want to be a cool yogi? Receive some great specials and free classes at our studio.

unlimited yoga

Warm welcomes to all our out of town visitors to the nation’s capital. Enjoy your stay and shake off the jet lag or long car ride with one week of unlimited yoga for $20.

Community Yoga

Our studio has a strong commitment to making yoga accessible to everyone in our community, regardless of income. We are offering $10 community yoga classes every day of the week.

Birthday Yoga

Receive a free class on the week of your birthday. Applies only to current students of the studio and is valid only with a copy of our special email invitation printed out.

Free Yoga Class

Our studio acknowledges and rewards anyone who is already a student at our studio and brings a friend to the studio for the first time (newcomer) with a free yoga class. The current student receives the free class, not the friend. Complimentary classes are not transferrable.

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happy Reviews

“The yoga instructors at The Studio DC are very friendly and professional. They helped me discover what my body is capable of.”

Judith L Coy
“I feel the best I have in years. I am calmer and more positive at home and in the office. I have The Studio DC and its wonderful instructors to thank for this change.”

William L Lynn
“I am always waiting to grab my yoga mat and head on over to The Studio DC for my next class. My yoga practice has deepened ever since I walked in here.”

Sherry C Mock

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